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Our goal at Good Dog University is for all participants and their dogs to be safe while having fun and learning. Here are the policies to help facilitate that goal:

  1. All participants (including observers) will be asked to sign a waiver/release of liability before the first class. We work hard to minimize and eliminate risks, however activities around dogs present some level of risk. Our goal is to make Good Dog University a safe place to train your dog.

  2. In the safety interest of #1 above, no flexi-leads will be permitted.

  3. In the safety interest of #1 above, Good Dog University reserves the right at their sole discretion, to remove any dog that in their judgment, poses a risk to other participants or is not sufficiently under the owner’s control. The participant will receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining classes.

  4. All dogs must be current on vaccinations including, but not limited to distemper, parvo, adenovirus, and rabies. Owners will provide a copy of vaccine records before bringing the dog to class.

  5. Participants will clean-up after their dogs. Bags and a trash receptacle will be provided.

  6. Make-up classes will only be offered when Good Dog University must cancel a class. There will be no make-up classes should the participant be absent unless mutually agreed upon in advance.

  7. Participants are restricted for safety reasons to remain only in the following areas: parking area, alley way, and training areas (away from the residents’ personal livestock and animals).

  8. Occasionally, a minor child may be the one training the dog. In this case, the parent must attend with the child and sign the waiver for the minor child. The child must be old enough to follow directions and maintain physical control over the dog. No unattended children permitted.

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