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Getting a new pup for the new year?

Did you know that many states have laws making it illegal to sell or give away a puppy less than 8 weeks of age? Even if the pup is weaned, it needs to stay with its mother and littermates at least this long. Puppies learn bite inhibition and social skills from mom and from littermates. Puppies that are removed too young often develop problems and issues of inappropriate behaviors that the new owner now must deal with. Set your dog up for success. If a breeder is trying to get you to take the pup early, find a different breeder! Ethical breeders want what is best for the puppy and will not sell you a pup at any less than 8 weeks of age and sometimes older. If you already fell prey to an unscrupulous breeder, watch for behavioral signs and contact your vet or an animal behavior specialist to learn how to best help your very young pup adjust.

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