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Interactions with your dog

Did you know that every interaction you have with your dog you are training them? We absolutely MUST be consistent! If the dog just jumped up on the sofa and you are busy talking on the phone, you have just trained the dog that sometimes it is okay to get on the furniture if you are not paying attention. This is a reason why I crate train my puppies. The very moment I cannot pay full attention to my pup, I put her in the crate. For instance, I hear the pot boiling on the stove and need to go turn down the heat. First, pup is put in the crate then I go attend to business. This helps instill consistency and enforce our behavioral expectations. The crate is not used as punishment, just a safe place to put the pup for a bit when you are otherwise occupied. Dogs do not make the connection if they have been on the sofa for the past 20 minutes and now you are mad at them. Or if yesterday you let them get up there because it was inconvenient to put them in their crate. What did your most recent interaction with your dog just train it to do?

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