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Tuesday Training Byte

Did you recently get a new puppy or dog that is not yet housebroken? Crate training goes a long way to ensure that your pup does not have accidents in the house. Puppies need to go potty about every 2 hours for the first few months and can gradually hold it for longer periods of time. Although our dogs don't normally sleep in our room, I put the puppy's crate in our room until the dog is old enough to hold it through the night. This way if the pup whines to go out, I will wake up to carry him outside quickly to relieve himself. After the pup wakes up from a nap, he goes outside to potty. After meals and after playing for several minutes, I take him outside to the same place and say "Go potty!" I keep treats in my pocket to reward success. If the pup does not go after a few minutes, I carry him back inside and straight to the crate. We will try again in a bit, so there is no unsupervised opportunity to soil inside the house. In no time,your pup will get the idea of what is expected!

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