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Tuesday Training Byte

The joys of a new puppy! Did you know that many states prohibit selling or giving away a puppy before age 8 weeks? Just because the pup is weaned does not mean it is ready to leave mom and litter mates. Many problem behaviors may arise in pups that were acquired earlier. (More on that in a later topic). Also keep in mind that puppies need to potty frequently! If the pup is at the breeder's a bit longer, it makes your job less work. A pup of 8 weeks can generally hold it for up to 2 hours. At 3 months, up to 3 hours, and so forth. During the day, the young pup will need to be taken out to relieve itself when waking up, after playing for a few minutes, after eating, and after resting in it's crate. A young pup usually will need to be taken out at least once during the night. Before I go to bed, I take the water pail out of puppy's crate and potty him one last time. Fingers crossed by being diligent, the pup will make it through the night before too long. Before adding that adorable fuzzy puppy, ask yourself if you are available and willing to devote the time required to house train your new pup?

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