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Tuesday Training Byte: Chaining Behaviors

When I got my first dog as a preteen, I checked out a dog training book from the library. I still remember to this day how to chain behaviors. Teaching your dog a few basic commands will be the foundation. Then you combine and give a new command word. For example, teaching your dog to crawl- the dog must know down and come. Start with your pup in the down position. With a food lure, drag in front and directly away from your dog toward you. Tell the dog to come and down one small step at a time and praise at each little move forward in the down position. After you are getting the dog to take a few crawling step, replace the commands with crawl. The same idea for teaching a bow. The dog must know stand and down. Starting in the stand position, ask for a down, while putting your free hand under its flank/belly to keep the hind end up while the front goes down. After several goes of this, replace the word with bow.

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