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Tuesday Training Byte: Give your dog a job!

Throughout the history of domesticated dogs, they have been bred to serve man in any number of ways. Much bad behavior can stem from the dog's desire to work and not being given a "job" to do. This results in the dog finding something to occupy itself- which is usually behavior you do not want! For instance, if your dog runs to the door and barks every time someone comes by, give your dog something else to do. Years ago my male K-9 partner would run to the door and bark. I taught the dog the word "bedroom". Any time I pointed and said "bedroom", once the dog understood the command, he would go to the bedroom and lay down and wait until released. The door was left open by the way. Then I connected the stimulus (door bell or knocking on the door) to the word "bedroom". I had a couple of friends help by showing up and knocking at my door. In no time, my dog would automatically send himself to the bedroom when there was a knock or ring at the door. This came in especially handy when delivery persons came with a package. If it was a friend coming for a visit, once the guest was seated and settled in, I could call my dog out of the bedroom if I chose. I have given my dog a job to do- removing himself to the bedroom, where I kept a bone there for him to entertain himself. Happy Training!

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