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Tuesday Training Byte: Is your dog a bite risk?

Although I have written about this issue some, I keep getting phone calls from puppy and dog owners about this problem behavior. There are several reasons why dogs try to bite people. First it is important to know that dogs rarely get to this point as their first response. Dogs begin with other warning signs that people miss. Then, when we did not catch on to what the dog was trying to tell us, they have no other option but to let us know with by sinking their teeth into someone. Reviewing the Canine Bite Level chart created by Dr. Sophia Yin, we can see that most dogs first exhibit fearful or avoidance behaviors (level 1) know as pre-bite indicators. Level 2 the dog makes contact but does not puncture the skin. Level 3 is multiple punctures, level 4 is biting and shaking (ripping the skin) and so on. If your dog is showing any signs of anxious or fearful behaviors, get help from a trainer now before this progresses! Look at Dr. Sophia Yin's fearful dog behavior chart to better understand your pup's body language. Most bites often times people believe are "unprovoked", when in fact the person did not understand the body language and behaviors prior to the later attack. These posters are available open source.

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