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Tuesday Training Byte: Is your dog bored? Try Rally!

Some breeds of dogs are content with repetition, however, once many dogs learn something, they want to do something new. For obedience competition, the exercises are always the same and in the same order. If we train in that order, the dog will anticipate what is coming next, and act before the command is given which can cause a disqualification. Or, the dog just quits out of boredom. This is why rally obedience is such a hit. Especially for those dogs with a higher working drive or that thrive on mental stimulation. Each course has a variety of numerous different exercises/stations and in varying order. This makes it more challenging. Your dog will learn to focus on you more to find out what is next. Rally permits encouragement and an extra command and if you mess up, you can even (for point deductions) redo a station. Even if you are not into competition, you can lay out a course just to break the monotony of the standard obedience. You can do rally with a minimum of equipment and make more of a game out of it for your dog. The signs are great for us visual learners and can be found online. Rally-O!

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