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Tuesday Training Byte: Older Pets

Last week was a rough week as I had to put two older pets to sleep. I stayed with them both as they passed. Many times pets get surrendered at the shelter when the owner can no longer afford their care as a senior pet, and they drop off the old one and walk out with a puppy. I know many of you would never even dream of doing this. This post is not for you. However, if you find yourself grieving the loss of your pet, why not go to the shelter and either adopt or foster a senior pet to provide them a soft bed and safe haven for their final days? The good news is that many senior pets are well beyond their puppy chewing and house soiling days. They tend to be less energetic and just relish the company. I took in an older dog once that had never been in the house. We managed to crate train her and housebreak her very easily. If personal circumstances get so dire that you cannot keep your dog, a dog that is trained will stand a much better chance of getting adopted. Many older people would love a pet that is already well behaved. There are solutions to these problems. Hug your dogs an extra hug tonight and be thankful. I know the dog is.

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