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Tuesday Training Byte: Puppies are cute! Bad behavior isn't.

Who doesn't love little puppies? They are so adorable but a LOT of work. We tend to allow bad behavior from puppies because they are just a baby. Many people call me after their puppy becomes a "teenager" around 10-18 months and now the behavior is obnoxious at best or outright out of control! It is so much easier to decide in advance of bringing your puppy home what will and will not be allowed. Establishing routine is one of the easiest ways to set the pup up for good behavior. For example, if your pup is mouthing you, immediately stop the game and crate the pup, or put in it's pen. Whatever boundaries you decide upon, your adult family members must be on the same page. If one member lets the dog growl during a game of tug, the pup will be confused if you correct it for doing so. Consistency can be hard because you have to be paying attention and following through at all times. Your consistency early on will make the job easier down the road, especially if you have a large breed dog that might try to be alpha over the family if the rules are not set and consistent. Happy Training!

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