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Tuesday Training Byte: Rewarding your dog

When I am training, I use a food lure and treat the dog with tasty "high-value" treats for a correct response. I say the word, "Yes!" and pop them the treat. However, in competition, no food, squeakers, or other objects are permitted in the ring, and no petting. Once my dog know the commands I use the word "Yes!" followed by a smile or pat. When finished training, we go directly over to a place when I give them their treats. A dog recognizes a smile. In the competition ring it is okay for me to smile at my dog. I have noticed many people give out commands and forget about praising the good behavior. Many dogs will loose their sharpness or quit working if they are not rewarded. Think about it: your reward to going to work is your paycheck. How long would you continue working there if the paychecks ceased? Reward (even with a word or smile) any good behavior and your dog will be more eager to work for you.

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