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Tuesday Training Byte: Ruining the cue.

We all make mistakes when training. But there are a couple that rate high on the do not do list. First- nagging. Giving your dog the cue or command repeatedly. Dogs will do like people. When they are nagged, they tune it out or at best, learn to respond about the 6th time the command is given. When training a pup or teaching a new command, make sure the dog is paying attention first. The give the cue/command one time. Using a food lure or hand motion to help position the dog is helpful. Then of course, as soon as the pup does what you want, mark and reward/praise that behavior. Second- "poisoning" the cue. This is where you call the dog to come and then immediately take it in for a bath or other undesirable thing. Pretty soon, they will not come when called because they want to avoid that bath. Same goes for punishing a dog that ran off when it comes back to you when you call him to come. You want your dog to know that coming to you is a safe and fun place to be by making his response to your single cue enjoyable.

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