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Tuesday Training Byte: Setting boundaries

Many people may adopt an adult or senior dog rather than get a puppy. And to be sure- puppies are a lot of work! Setting boundaries or ground rules tends to be easier when you start with a clean slate. There are benefits in getting an older dog that is past that puppy stage, but you need to be prepared to get your new family member adjusted to the new house rules. Before bringing the dog home, meet with family members and write down the things that won't be allowed (such as getting on the furniture if that is important). Make sure everyone is in agreement so that there is consistency from the beginning. If counter-surfing is a problem, it is better to not permit the dog in that area at first until you can have a focused training with the dog on leash. Establish a routine from the start with set time and place for feeding, yard time, house time, and when and where the dog will sleep. There are a variety of types of equipment to help with the process. One that helps with a bit of a rambunctious dog in the house is the belt leash- a hands free way to keep the dog with you under close supervision. For small or medium breeds a playpen comes in handy to keep them out of mischief while you are busy. Happy training!

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