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Tuesday Training Byte: Useful Rainy Weather Tricks

Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching my dogs useful tricks and "chores". Many behaviors can be chained to form a new trick. Once you have taught a couple of easy cues, you can put them together. We have mats outside and inside of the doors to help minimize the muddy paw prints. However, in this weather they still track in the mud. I like to teach the pup to wipe his feet. Dogs already have natural behaviors we can build upon for this. Many dogs will kick up with their hind feet after going potty. When you see this behavior, mark it with the word "Yes" good kick! and a treat. Soon you can tell your dog to kick it. For the front feet, you can help your dog dig at the door mat and say Dig!, followed by praise and a treat. Once your pup has the idea, tell him to dig doing a digging motion with your hands and then kick it. Repeat this routine each time you bring your dog in and before you know it, your dog will be wiping his feet in this fun game, building upon a dog's natural behaviors.

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