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Wednesday Wisdom- Is your dog in your will?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

At the new year I updated my will. The main updates were regarding my pets should I pass. After contacting multiple people for my various animals, I went to work in establishing who would take ownership of which pet(s) and the amount of money from my estate to help offset the cost. I also set up 2nd and 3rd alternates just in case. A few years back, a dog show friend of mine passed at a relatively young age from colon cancer. He had a large number of dogs. His friend kept two and the others went to several different homes. Well this friend has become unable to take care of the remaining two senior dogs and fortunately the breed club people rallied together to pickup and transport the dogs into a wonderful home where they can live out their remaining time together. Often, this is not the case. The family or relatives cannot take or do not want to take the pets and they get abandoned or dumped at a shelter where they are scared to death. There are three things you can do for your dogs: First, train them! Dogs that have behavior issues end up at the pound and euthanized. Second, have an emergency notebook. I keep a 3-ring binder up to date with photos of each of my animals and directions for feeding and any special notes. If you give your key to your friend or neighbor in case of emergency, show them where the notebook is should you not make it home someday. Third, make arrangements for your animals in your will with designated new caregivers & alternates. Your pets will love you for it.

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