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Wednesday Wisdom: Pups are like toddlers with ADHD

Unless you work at home or work limited hours, puppies may not be a great choice because they need constant supervision. Some breeders will have a retired show dog that they are willing to place in a good home, or perhaps a rescue has an adult dog available. But if you already have that pup, here are some ideas to help. You wouldn't leave your toddler at home alone while you go off to work and running errands, but people do this with a young dog and are surprised at the damage when they get home. Some things I do when I am getting an older puppy used to being out of its crate in the house is tether the dog to me. As you move about the house perhaps picking up or gathering laundry, your pup will be attached to you at the waist with the leash clipped to your belt or belt loop. This is beneficial in several ways: It increases the pup's bond with you, it teaches the pup to stay with you without getting in the way, and you will notice if the pup starts sniffing or pawing like it needs to be taken out to relieve itself. You can break up the routine by playing a few minutes of fetch or tug, and then crate the pup for a rest period. Puppies are not safe to leave unsupervised and expect they won't get into mischief. I like to switch up the toy or chew that I put in the pup's crate to help break the boredom as well. This gives you more opportunities to teach your pup some new words or tricks. You might be surprised how some "together time" will help your pup learn good house manners. Happy training!

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