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Tuesday Training Byte: Set your dog up for success

With the holidays approaching, there typically can be a disruption of our routine and added commotion. Even if your dog is well mannered, don't let the situation be more than he can handle. Set up his crate is a quiet room, like a bedroom. If we are busy in the kitchen, food left on the counter or table can be too tempting and the pup may end up counter surfing. Use a baby gate to keep him out of the food prep area or even a play pen for small and medium dogs, set where he can see you. Shortly before you expect guests, put him in the crate with a long lasting chew treat and a special toy. Dogs quickly learn a routine, so try to stick to that as much as possible. Letting a dog out into a houseful of noisy guests can turn sour with the dog behaving badly. If the company wishes to see the dog, after things have settled down, bring him out on a leash for a visit and then back to the crate. If the dog is loose, he may become overwhelmed and nip or bite from the anxiety. After the company leaves, bring your pup out for some cuddles and extra attention to let him know that he is still a special member of your household.

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